Bluetooth Talk Smart Watch Outdoor Three Anti Sports Waterproof Meter Step

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Product information:

Main control platform: 8763EWE
Memory: 128 MB
TP: Capacitor Touch TP, Quercus 816D
Display: 1.83 inches, 240*286 resolution HD square screen
Motor: 0827 flat motor, welding wire type
Bluetooth: BT 5.0
Communication system/data transmission
Heart rate: HR3605
Step meter: Silyon QMA6100P, accurate step meter
Charging mode: 2PIN magnetic cable
Battery: Capacity 380mAH (polymer pure cobalt battery)
Waterproof rating IP68
Smartwatch length 54* width 43* thickness 12.9mm
Strap Silicone strap, 22mm width, 265mm total strap, adjustable area 170-248mm
Watch color: Black/orange
Net weight (watch): 52.7g (including watch band)


Main selling points:
1. 8763EWE,128M large memory, Bluetooth 5.0 protocol;
2. Support Bluetooth call, one-button connection, more convenient call scene;
3. Cool UI, support drag and drop operation + shortcut center function;
4. Large memory, eight menu modes, rich UI scenarios, watch more intelligent;
5. 123 sports modes, suitable for more sports scenes;
6. 1.83-inch HD large screen, resolution 240*286;
7.HR3605 Low power and high resolution heart rate oxygen, more accurate detection;
8.IP68 deep waterproof, suitable for wearing in more environments;

Packing list:


1*Charging cable