Dog Training Mat

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Sniffing is natural for dogs, 10 minutes training of sniffing is equivalent to an hour of running. this pads can help dogs relieve stress and release extra energy;

Hide the treats or small toy in this training mat, and let your dogs to find it out, exercise your dog's slow eating habits.;

The bottom is non-slip cloth, which can effectively fix the mat and prevent the dog from moving the mat.;

The main fabric of sniffing pad is felt cloth, which is environmentally friendly and easy to clean;

Convenient for you to place it at any place, roll up for storage, not only in your apartment, bedroom, living-room even outdoor;

Suitable for all dogs and cats, your pet will love it.




Type:Pet Smelling Mat

Applicable type: Dogs, Cats Wash

Style:Hand Wash

Material:Felt, Oxford fabric on bottom

Color:Pink/ Yellow/ Green / Brown


Determined by loosening or tightening the tie by yourself

Storage: 26*26*13cm/10.23*10.23*5.11";

Bowl: 30*30*10cm/11.81*11.81*3.93";

Mat: 48*48*8cm/18.89*18.89*3.14"

Package includes:1 x Pet Snuffle Mat

Features:Exercise your dog's slow eating habits,Pet activity mat for foraging skill, Stress Release, Collapsible easy to carry and clean.Multifunction