Face Massage Ice Cube Mold

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Sliding on clean skin in the morning can instantly wake up the skin, or use it on the essence and mask to quickly absorb the skin. It can also instantly calm the skin condition when the skin is sensitive and swollen.

Upgraded Version VS Old Version

1: Compared with the old version, the upgraded version has added a leak-proof sink design, so that you don't wet your hands when you use it2: A bottle stopper is added to the water injection port to achieve a leak-proof seal.3: The surface adopts a diamond-cut shape, which can be held more securely during use


●Tighten the skin ●V face lifting●Relieves sensitive skin ●Tighten and shrink pores ●Eliminate eye puffiness ●Reduce inflammation●Cure acne breakthrough ●Brighten skin tone ●Promote blood circulation ●Suitable for all skin types