Halloween Cat Costume Small Pet Cat Bat Wings

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The material is made of black felt cloth. The texture is light and the cat wears it without restraint.

The whole product is black with smooth and smooth lines, which fully interprets the mysterious and cool feeling of bats.

The neck and chest fasteners are all designed with magic tape, and the size adjustment is very convenient.

The part of the breast fixation belt is strengthened and durable.

Give your haughty cat bat wings to create a charming silhouette.


Type: Pet Bat Wing

Material: felt cloth

Quantity: 1pc

Color: Black

Size: 45*16cm/17.7*6.3 inch

Size: One Size

Neck Cirumference: 24-36cm/9.4-14.2 inch

Chest Cirumference: 36-42cm/14.2-16.5 inch

Net Weight:


1*Pet Bat Wing