Halloween Full-Color LED Face-Changing Glowing Mask APP Control

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Size: 22 * 18 * 5cm

Material: ABS plastic + PVC lens + silicone

Product Pattern: 45 dynamic map 70 still map

Power supply mode: 3, 5 dry batteries

Time: 10 hours

Support language: 10 kinds

Pixel point: 46 * 58 (irregular)

Light beads: 2121RGB lamp beads

Number of lamp beads: 2074

1.Mask with LED full-mask design with adjustable shoulder strap, is ideal for cosplay, chemical ball, birthday party, Halloween, Christmas, Valentine, Carnival, E-Music Festival, etc. Lightweight and convenient, the light-emitting mask is a very surprising gift, suitable for family, birthday, friends, classmates, lovers or other occasions. It is perfect, surprising, so far, the coolest gift, is also the favorite costume and role of adults, the best clothing toy LED mask.

2. LED mask adopts high-power, high brightness, long life 2074 lamp beads and 2121RGB LED lamp beads. Don't worry about power consumption, it is very quiet, no damage to the body

The 3.LED cosplay party has 45 dynamic display modes and 70 static display images, the LED mask can be set to monochrome, flash, gradient, smooth and multi-color. Bluetooth can be used by connecting to the LED mask. You can change the upload image, you can change the dynamics and static text, set a variety of display style, LED full cover is the most magical clothing & cosplay clothing mask, attracting everyone's attention

4. Four display modes: text editing, DIY doodle design, pattern animation, music rhythm. Text Editing: You can enter text, have fixed display, text jump, left shift, left shift four display mode. Move right to right. DIY: You can draw different patterns you like and upload will be displayed on the mask. You can connect this flash LED mask to your phone via Bluetooth App, so you stand out in any party or festival.

5. Press the power button and then cover your in your search. When the screen displays '' ok '', you can use your hand to change the screen. When "X" is displayed, the gesture is closed. App sets gestures to switch animations, play content, and loop playback, support 10 languages