Handmade Creative DIY Magic Sticky Balloon Bubble Inflator

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Name: Handmade Creative Diy Magic Sticky Balloon Bubble Inflator

Color: Purple

Size: 18*21cm


Instructions :

1、Remove the soft gum ball capsule from the root

2、Place the capsule in the recess below the inflatable compartment

3、Insert the inflatable compartment into the inflator jack and turn it clockwise to lock it and push the pusher to the top of the capsule

4、Press the handle of the inflator down

5、Pull the inflatable hand lever, don't overfill

6、Pull up the inflatable hand lever, rotate the inflatable cabin counterclockwise, then take out the colored balls

Package includes: 

1* Inflator

36* Soft gum ball(Random color)

6* Connector

18* Decoration(Random)

6* Suction cup

12* Eyes

1* Instruction manual