Magic Bluetooth LED Party Glasses

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Suitable for parties, dances, concerts, nightclubs, birthday parties, etc.


Battery capacity: 180mAh

USB charging: 5V/1A

Available colors: red blue green powder white

Housing material: ABS

Lamp beads: 0603 lamp beads

Number of lamp beads: 200

Charging time: 1 hour

Applicable people: unisex

Load index: moderate

Battery life: 5 hours

Battery composition: lithium-ion

Battery type: lithium polymer

Battery size: 35mm × 5mm × 12mm

Number of batteries: 1

Number of battery cells in one battery pack: 1

Watts per battery: 0.56


Technical characteristics

● The rated capacity of this product is 180mAH.

● Long-life battery, up to 500 cycles.

● Adopt energy-saving, high-power, long-life LED lamp beads.

● Charging protection: The charging status is red, and the charging is full.


Use and operation

1. The phone scans the second code on the phone case, or searches the app Glow Glasses to download the app.

2. Turn on the phone case switch and mobile phone Bluetooth

3. Click inside the connected device

4. Click on Start Connection to open a cool moment.

5. Feel free to edit and doodle your favorite dynamic patterns



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