Meat Free Smoked Salmon Flavor Jerky

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Made in the USA, these great tasting, Eco-friendly treats do not contain fillers such as grains, wheat, corn or soy - limiting calorie bloat. They are non-toxic and anti-inflammatory. The resealable bag maintains freshness but be sure to store out of reach as your pup may like to sneak an extra snack to two.

Reduce the chances of chronic health issues like diabetes with these treats as they are made of vegan, plant based proteins. Great for dogs who suffer from allergies to traditional animal-byproduct proteins and for owners who want to limit their greenhouse gas emissions by avoiding factory farmed products.

Three delicious flavors to choose from: Hickory Beef Flavor Jerky, Mesquite Chicken Flavor Jerky and Smoked Salmon Flavor Jerky

Luck Dog Tonic & Treats Production Standards:
Female Minority Owned * BPA Free * Non-Toxic * Lead Free * Food Grade * No Child Labor * No Exploitative Labor * Living Wage * Donate 10% Profits