Pet electronic fence

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Material: Plastic

Six characteristics!

1. Invisible environmental protection – the wires are buried underground, do not occupy the place, do not affect the appearance, give the dog more freedom.
2. Progressive tone stimulation - When the dog approaches the border, a warning sound is first heard. If you continue to approach, the system will have a slight impact.
3, pulse proportional stimulation - human high-tech design, the vibration intensity depends on the distance of the dog near the boundary line, the closer the dog is to the boundary line, the greater the vibration intensity.
4, built-in speed detector - the faster the dog moves, the higher the level of intensity.
5, a wide range of control - up to 5,000 square meters, equivalent to a football field is so big, and variable range, quite flexible.
6. Safe and Reliable - Once the wires buried in the ground are damaged, the wire damage indicator will give a loud warning and flash. And the lightning protection device on the converter can avoid lightning strikes.