Pet Snuffle Ball Toy

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The second generation of sniffing mat, dogs sniffing ball, discipline educational sniffing, ease emotional folded pet toys ball.Product features/characteristicsRound sniffing ball1. Pet Snuffle Ball Toy main fabric for environmental protection carpet cloth, soft close skin, easy to clean, environmental protection, support machine wash.2. The Pet Snuffle Ball Toy is a traditional sniffing the updated version of the mat, the dog is more difficult to get food. Therefore, by sniffing the ball for the first time, put food on the edge for easy find, when dogs already know the food is hidden in it, then you can put the food on the inside of the ball, a modest increase in dog feeding difficulty.3. Pet Snuffle Ball Toy is made from many folding rounds, with many deep Tibet now, the owner can hide food in between the fabric drape, encourage your pet to sniff them out.4. Feeding difficulty strengthens, the dog according to smell looking for a food source, eat and play ball.5. Storage is simple, small size, the smaller spheres, food is more hidden, the greater the difficulty, is a great enrichment toy.

Why Pet Snuffle Ball Toy is such a nice toy?- sniffing for pets is a good mental and physical exercise.- smell can reduce stress levels, to calm the pet.- it can improve their concentration and problem-solving skills.- it makes dogs eat more interesting.- can be used to help love dandle boredom decompression, effectively reducing the incidence of disruptive behavior.- dog is an animal that does not love to eat, which means that they like to work to get food.- the most important thing is - it is very interesting! Pet love sniffing

There are two kinds of ball sizes:Large - 20 cm - medium or large dogsMedium - 15 cm - is suitable for medium and small dogs 

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