Xiaomi MOESTAR UFO 2.6m Retractable Pet Leash

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Brand MOESTARCharging method Micro USBCharging voltage DC 5VBattery capacity 200mahTotal traction length 2.6mMaximum static pull 50kgSize 138 x 138 x 30mmShould a tow rope be heavy and laborious? This time let you say goodbye to traditionDraw inspiration from the spaceships that are free from the bondage of gravity, and create the first weightless balance hand feeling. The new biological instinct braking design redefines the appearance and interior of the traction rope to make pets more comfortable and hands more free.Not only high appearance level,And high skillInnovative design, shaftless expansionAnnular strip,LED lightingRing design, free hands Selected materials, comfortable gripPrevent from curling, firm and durableAnti - impact design, safety upgradeInnovation of the Ring Appearance of Spacecraft,A prop for attracting attention while walking a dog.Ring bearing capacity, balance and comfortInnovative annular grip, evenly distributed tension. Wrist force balance, comfortable and effortless.Lighting system3M lighting distance, no blind area for night visionBilateral Blue Cold Light Respiratory LampMore safe to avoid night traffic and pedestrians.